Hellofresh – insert voucher booklet

We teamed up with HelloFresh to reinvent the humble insert.  HelloFresh tasked us with combating insert blindness. Customers throwing inserts away without looking at them. Here’s what we came up with.  

 The project

Reinvent the humble insert.


PSE and HelloFresh came up with this great little insert booklet. This allows HelloFresh to sell advertising space within their subscription boxes. The inserts are DL size for convenience and are printed on high quality paper. The booklets have monthly themes to keep customers engaged and only allows 6 different companies per month to advertise within the booklet  allowing rotation of different companies and to give the appearance of exclusivity. The booklets also allow for HelloFresh to cross sell their services with 8  pages dedicated to them (including front and back covers). PSE are also acting on behalf of HelloFresh to help fill the booklet every month. Find out more here. 

Hello Fresh started using these at the start of the year and they have been a roaring success! Less people are throwing them away driving business for HelloFresh and thier advertising partners.  

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