Pasta evangelists – roll Fold

Pasta Evangelists wanted to advertise their pasta subscription boxes. By using a roll fold, this gave them the room to be informative and use gorgeous imagery to entice new customers. But when folded it’s small enough to be cheaper on postage. Read below to see the full project.  

 The project

The project was an enticing roll fold direct mail to attract new customers.


Enticing new customers is never easy. But Pasta Evangelists made it look easy with the stunning imagery and great copy on their roll fold. The addition of an amazing 50% off offer made it too good to resist. Printed onto heavy uncoated card gave the piece a heavy natural feel, that worked great with the images Pasta Evangelists used. The best feature of roll folds is having the ability to go into depth about your product by using the unfolded space. Having the customer interacting with the direct mail piece (even if it’s just the act on unfolding it) encourages the customer to read and increases the chances of them acting on the call to action. PSE loved working on this piece and can’t wait to hear how it did.


Size – 160mm x 160mm

Pages – 8

Material – 250gsm uncoated

Orientation – Landscape


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