Although grower Kees Hamelink’s prunes have seen enough sun and are therefore easy to prune, the warm weather has caused them to be 3 millimetres too small for supermarkets to accept…

The summer is sun-soaked and delicious, but not everyone is cheering because of the persistent high temperatures. Farmer Kees from Holland is one of those people. The lack of rainfall has stunted the growth of Farmer Kees’ plums and irrigation of the land with groundwater is not an option because the proximity to sea makes it too salty. The result: 60,000 kilos of non-saleable plums.

Like the supermarkets, Hellofresh takes quality very seriously but also believe that natural produce is not picture perfect. A few millimetres on the size of a plum is not that important, however what is important in the selection of their products is taste and the way it is produced. Food waste is a sin, and to prevent good fruit from being lost Hellofresh have agreed to buy some of Kees’ prunes. Their customers can get the fruitbox online in Holland.

At PSE we thought this was a great initiative and of course wanted to take part and support this great cause! We decided to print 2000 flyers for free for Hellofresh helping them to promote this product further, and helping Farmer Kees to stay in business.