MailMark Economy Service

Royal Mail has released a new service that could potentially save you £10,000's on postage. Royal Mail are increasing their prices by around 3-4% in 2021. Alongside their increase, they have released a new service called MailMark Economy. With a bit of planning, this...

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Use offline strategies to drive traffic to your website

In the past couple of decades, the retail sector has seen a shift as even more business is going online.  The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and UK lockdowns saw a rapid increase in that trend with record levels of online traffic.  Although there will always be a...

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5 Easy data-led marketing strategies

Terms like big data, data-driven and data-led marketing are often thrown around with little thought to what they actually mean. It's a bit of an art form to be able to look at data and work out the best possible way to apply this to your next campaign to improve upon...

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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Door Drops

Have you always passed off Door Drops because it's flooding an area based on a distance from your business or store? Do you believe that Door Drops are a scatter-gun approach, leafleting an area achieving low conversion rates? These are common misconceptions when...

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Same Great Results 10th Of The Price

What is Partially Addressed Mail?  Partially Addressed Mail or PAM was introduced in 2018 by Royal Mail after the GDPR legislation came into law late in the year. Royal Mail saw that the legislation would affect the market and invented a new way of customer...

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Programmatic Mail and Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and we are all starting to ramp up our marketing strategies. Christmas this year is probably more important than any other year due to the loss of revenue during the lockdown. Many businesses are looking to recoup these lost earnings....

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Why you need Direct Mail in your strategy

Some marketers hold the misconception that Direct Mail is outdated or dead which couldn’t be further from the truth.  Direct Mail is more effective than ever and it’s now more important to include as part of your overall strategy than ever before. If you are not using...

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The results are in and Mail is better than ever!

JICMail have been busy behind the scenes and recording record levels of mail in Q2 2020. Let's have a look at what happened with mail marketing during the lockdown!  All facts and figures have been taken from JICMail. With people spending more time at home...

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