The Ultimate Guide to Offline Marketing Preview.

Offline Marketing has never been more important as the world comes to terms with a ‘new normal’. With your customers now spending more time at home, getting your message safely to them needs to be a key part of your marketing plan.

To help you with this PSE have written the ‘Ultimate Guide to Offline Marketing’ which will give you essential tips and advice about:

  • Direct Mail
  • Door Drops
  • Partially Addressed Mail
  • Third-party Inserts
  • Programmatic Mail
  • Sourcing and Cleansing Data

This 77-page guide combines over 25 years of front line experience and uncovers some of the facts behind the most successful offline campaigns.  Download your full copy here.

The battle of acquisition and retention

The battle of acquisition and retention

“Acquiring a customer is 5x more expensive than keeping one!” bellowed the marketing guru from centre stage at every exhibition of the 21st century. The sentiment echoes throughout the industry as it becomes engrained in every marketing strategy the world over: but...