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Partnership Marketing


Partnership marketing is about finding brands that align with your values and demographic and supporting each other’s ambitions. The partnership can take various forms, but our process always starts by understanding your audience and your marketing goals. 

Our process

By establishing the key goals of your activity and what it is you are trying to achieve, we can recommend the best channels and partners for your business to ensure effective ROI. PSE then liaises with potential partners, both within and outside our network, facilitating the right approach for both parties. As with any of our campaigns, we monitor and report on performance, insight and learning so we can optimise the next campaign. 

Types of Partnership Marketing:


One partner hosts the other’s brand collateral within an existing distribution, or you swap and both host for each other.

Value Added

Access to third-party email data or POS opportunities, can provide partnership opportunities.


Product samples can be placed within a partner’s distribution or at POS.


If you have a new idea you’d like to explore, PSE are in a strong position to facilitate any type of partnership.


What kind of acquisition success rates should I expect from any activity?

Across all our campaigns, between Jan 2020 and July 2021, we helped deliver a response rate of 1.94% for our clients.

You talk about ROI but how well do you perform?

Over double. Between Jan 2020 and July 2021, we achieved an average ROI of £2.10 for every £1 spent for our clients.

What size of marketing budget should I expect to spend on my growth strategy?

PSE tends to work with brands with an annual campaign spend of £100k plus. With an average cost per acquisition of £15.76 (Jan 2020 to July 2021 PSE data) you can multiply by the numbers you hope to achieve and see what total figure you come to.

Why do you focus on targeting ‘individuals’ rather than ‘customers’?

The more you understand the people you’re communicating with, at an individual level, the higher the levels of success.

Aren’t direct mail and door drops old fashioned now?

There are merits in every channel, or they would no longer exist. Our work is designed to complement all the other channels you use, as part of a well thought-through brand strategy. Digital channels are newer and perhaps shinier, and they play to their strengths very well, but they can’t drop through your door and sit on your kitchen table for days of happy browsing.

How important should digital channels be within my growth marketing strategy?

Start with strategic planning, not channels. We work with you to build the best growth strategy for your brand, by first understanding your objectives, your business and your customers. Only once the marketing task you are focused on is clear, can you start to discuss which channels can best serve your goals.