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What is customer acquisition?

Customer acquisition refers to the process of attracting, engaging, and converting potential prospects into actual buyers of your product or service.

Why is customer acquisition important?

A customer acquisition strategy is important for driving business growth, compensating for customer attrition, enabling market expansion and improving profitability. Whether it be through marketing channels or lead generation campaigns, any good growth strategy should have a plan for continually bringing new customers to your brand.


How can PSE help my business?

We get to know your brand and your customers, then create an acquisition formula that helps bring prospects through the sales funnel, and customers through the door. What does it involve?


We analyse your customer base to understand responsive segments, creating an optimal customer profile for a tailored acquisition strategy.



Using insights from the learning phase, we refine audience targeting by identifying lookalikes and dropping ineffective members, maximising reach and conversion potential.



We identify the best conversion methods and craft compelling campaigns to resonate with your audience, driving customer leads effectively.


We evaluate campaign performance, refine strategy, audience, and messaging, and optimise budget for continuous improvement, aiming to lower customer acquisition cost (CAC) along the way.