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What is Partially Addressed Mail? 

Partially Addressed Mail or PAM was introduced in 2018 by Royal Mail after the GDPR legislation came into law late in the year. Royal Mail saw that the legislation would affect the market and invented a new way of customer acquisition marketing. 

Not using personal data such as names, means this method of marketing is 100% GDPR compliant while remaining highly targeted. 

Partially Addressed Mail is perfect for new customer acquisition, as it is roughly 165x more targeted than Door Drops and you can receive up to 4p discount on postage per item. Additionally, new data can cost as little as 1p per entry. Data can cost a 10th of the price than Direct Mail Data.


The data is so cost-effective because you are not buying personal data like names. Partially Addressed Mail works by targeting households using geo-demographics at postcode level. 

The ace up Partially Addressed sleeve and the reason this is the perfect tool for customer acquisition is existing customers will be removed from the mailing list. You are not wasting your budget by sending them acquisition material when they are already one of your customers.

Partially Addressed is targeted at postcode level, and uses your existing customer postcodes to target other houses in customer ‘rich’ postcodes or targeting software to identify similar customer postcodes using geo-demographic profiling.

Does it work?

JICMail are the industry’s premier mail reporting company, and they say yes! Here are the top 6 Partially Addressed Mail insights why you should be using this channel in your overall strategy.  

1)Item Reach Stands at 1.10

For every 100 people, you send your marketing piece to, a further ten people will see your advert. This is because mail is passed around the household more than any other form of marketing. For comparison, Direct Mail has an item reach of 1.13 & Door Drops have an item reach of 1.05.

2)Average Lifespan

The average lifespan of mail, in general, is the longest of all marketing channels. A piece of mail will live in the home for days. Partially Addressed Mail lives for 7.20 days on average. Direct Mail lives for 7.69 days.

 3)Interaction frequency of 3.97

Because the lifespan of Mail is so long, it drives interactions like no other. Partially Addressed items are interacted with 3.97 times over 28 days. That’s nearly four times and more than halfway to the 6-7 interactions it takes for a person to decide to go with a brand.

4)High interactions across all age groups

Mail speaks to everyone, young or old. It holds a special place in peoples hearts and feels more personal than an email. Interactions for Partially Addressed Mail holds steady across all stages of life. 

  • Millenials – 3.46 interactions
  • Home Owners – 3.97 interactions
  • Families – 3.77 interactions
  • Social Group A – 3.40 interactions
  • Retired – 3.78 interactions

5)Commercial actions

Mail advertising has always boasted high commercial action rates. A whopping 26% of Partially Addressed Mail prompts a commercial action. These actions can include visiting a website, making a purchase and so on. 

6)What content drives interactions?

What type of Partially Addressed content prompts the highest interactions?

  • Invitations/informative information about a specific event – 4.72 interactions
  • Admin information – 4.73 interactions
  • news/update/ magazine articles – 4.75 interactions
  • Notification/reminder – 5.15 interactions

Partially Addressed Mail and Christmas 2020

The IMRG are reporting that the retail sector is expecting this Christmas to be one of busiest seasons on record and are worried about keeping up with demand. Partially Addressed Mail can help by attracting new customers early. 

Be personal without personal information

Because there is no name on the address, this space can be filled in with anything, the more relevant, the better. Kickstart engagement by using this space to its fullest by using Christmas related phrases. For example, Santa’s Elf or Chief Gift Wrapper both work well, they drive interaction, ensure high open rates, introduce a little whimsy and could be the deciding factor for conversions.

We can help you

PSE have pioneered Partially Addressed Mail since its inception and have helped many of our customers drive forward their customer acquisition and would love the opportunity to help you. Speak to one of our friendly team today by clicking here. 

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