Bloom & Wild / Direct Mail Postcard

Working with PSE Bloom & Wild have begun using direct mail regularly within their marketing strategy. We have advised Bloom & Wild into the best print methods and find a solution that provides real results.

“The colours were truly reflected on the print! This was an amazing job and Print Strategy were very helpful throughout the whole process. They were able to offer invaluable advice on material choice and cost saving without compromising quality.”

Marketing Manager


With many layout options available for direct mail campaigns. Using a single postcard design can be extremely effective and cost-efficient. Making savings on production and postage, Bloom & Wild have been innovative with their direct mail campaigns helping them secure real results on their campaigns.


When creating campaigns for clients PSE always ensure we bring the brand alive through print. By selecting the paper, print and we can also help with the design of campaigns to ensure it has a maximum engagement rate. Mori’s mailing catalogues are printed on high-quality paper to offset their luxury brand.

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