Partially Addressed Mail is Royal Mail’s latest smart solution. They have created a responsible and highly targeted method of reaching potential customers, without using personal data.

Since the impact of the new GDPR rules in 2018, the uncertainty on 3rd party data massively affected the direct mail market. However, Royal Mail has supplied a smart solution to this, by creating a responsible and highly targeted method of reaching potential customers, without using their personal data.

The Solution: Partially Addressed mail

Instead of using the traditional method of direct mail by addressing the mailing directly to an individual. Partially addressed mail lets you target small groups of households in a whole postcode area. Royal Mail will also allow you to top-up postcodes in areas where you already have existing customers or find postcodes with similar potential customers.

Advantages of Partially Addressed:

  • Highly effective in capturing the attention of people who will have an interest in your business
  • Using the same budget as a fully addressed mailing, you could reach up to 30% more households by using Partially Addressed
  • 88% of Partially addressed mail is opened, filed or saved for later
  • Cost-efficient method by saving up to 4p per item
  • The cost of prospect data is considerably less when using Partially Addressed, as little as £10 per thousand!

Is Partially Addressed Mail easy to try?

Quite simply yes, it is, all of the work is done for you. Simply contact Print Strategy Europe or your contact at Royal Mail MarketReach and we can help to guide you through the process.

If you’d like to hear more about how this promotion would work for you please get in touch, we’d love the opportunity to talk.

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