Data fuelled approach

We understand the value of data and how it can help you optimise your marketing activity and drive growth. Our range of data insights services – from data segmentation and profiling to enrichment and analysis – are designed to help us understand your audience, and turn your data into actionable insights that deliver tangible results.

Our data specialists and planners analyse and provide multiple insights across the full campaign process:




Campaign Performance


We take this data:


– City
– Region
– Size
– Climate
– Communities
– Countries
– Rural, suberban and urban areas


– Age
– Gender
– Race
– Religion
– Income
– Education
– Language spoke


– Budget
– Beliefs
– Values
– Pain points
– Attitudes
– Social and cultural noems
– Roles
– Activities


– Hobbies
– Habits
– Purchasing styles
– Social media use
– Mobile phone use
– Media consumption

And segment these is groups based on similar behaviours and demographics.


We overlay our 50m consumer universe to bolster your bespoke segements with more data. This helps you know more about your customers and us make better strategic decisions when targeting them.


 Combining our audience understanding with our expertise enables us to effectively impact your campaign objectives. By determining your ideal target segment and their characteristics we can make the relevant channel selections, advise on and design the most effective creative messaging, and create the optimal plan lay down to support your wider marketing plans by refining timings and AB tests.We place the Customer First when planning any activity and this is why.

Campaign Performance

It’s essential to review campaign performance in order to refine targeting and comms strategies for future campaigns.

We create a bespoke performance dashboard reporting on the key metrics.

A weekly feed of transactional responder data will allow us to analyse campaign effectiveness across core metrics such as:

  • Response rate
  • AOV
  • ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

These can be analysed from an overall campaign perspective, by audience segment and/or by media channel. We provide ongoing recommendations for future campaigns based on the learnings from each monthly report.