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Adding Direct Mail into your mix can boost ROI by 12%   

If you want to make your DM more effective and achieve better ROI.
You’ve come to the right place.

Managing a DM campaign can feel a bit like running a hurdle race. Printers, Creatives, Designers, Mail specialists, Response handlers and Analysts. That’s not a recipe for joined up thinking. There are far too many barriers to overcome, cracks for info to fall down and budget to seep away into.

We offer you one team that can help you hit the ground running. We brainstorm concepts, craft campaigns, coordinate suppliers, manage processes and deliver results.

Scalable, personalised mail 

 For 25 years we’ve been handling mailings from 10,000 to 10 million. We ensure:

  • Your campaigns are highly personalised
  • You can extend your reach with Partially Addressed Mail, which uses specialist targeting to extend DM campaigns beyond the personal data you hold
  • Your creatives can incorporate unusual layouts and you can assess the benefits of different sizes, weights and formats
  • You save costs without compromising result

Direct Mail Process


Every company is different, that’s why we take the time to know your brand inside and out. We will then help plan your campaign.


We work with your creative team to get the best results. With over 25 years experience, we know what works.


You supply your data list, we create a demographic match detailing the best targets, for the best results.


Using our experienced printing partners, we print your campaign to the highest quality, for the best possible price.


We dispatch your campaign, ensuring landing dates are met and the right people are hit at the right time.


Free up your team and let PSE handle your returns in a 100% GPDR compliant way.

Did you know?


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Direct Mail lives in the home for


of direct mail resulted in a person visiting their website

DM = decision making

The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. And that’s what we do. You’ll receive advice about time and cost savings to maximise your campaign’s efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Postage advice about the best postage provider, rates and service for your requirements
  • Cost-saving advice about a range of postage discounts, including Admail discount, sustainable discount and other available offers
  • Advice about efficiencies to be gained through services like Mailmark


Let’s start your campaign!

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