Because they are anonymous, with no personal data they don’t come under GDPR regulations.

Do you have to gain consent from the Recipent before arranging a door drop?

No, because they are not targeted to individual level no consent is required.

But the new GDPR Rules mention legitimate interest, is this something that we need to be concerned with?

Legitimate interest only applies where the GDPR rules apply. So for non-personal mail drops you do not need to establish legitimate interest, consent or any legal basis.  As with all marketing pieces, we would still strongly recommend your audience has a clear interest in the promotion you’re running.

Are we able to plan our door drops using existing data that we have on file?

We can analyse your current data to get a postcode profile and target areas that match that profile if required.

Is this legal? This sounds like it could be risky.

Yes it is legal. Door drop media is targeted and at the same time it is broadcast. Like press, TV, radio and other broadcast channels are not subject to GDPR, neither are door drops.

The battle of acquisition and retention

The battle of acquisition and retention

“Acquiring a customer is 5x more expensive than keeping one!” bellowed the marketing guru from centre stage at every exhibition of the 21st century. The sentiment echoes throughout the industry as it becomes engrained in every marketing strategy the world over: but...