Using door drops as part of your offline marketing plan offers an effective and cost-efficient method of getting your message to customers households.


Royal Mail’s research found 88% of businesses said using door drops has boosted their brand awareness. They can be an effective and cost-efficient method of sending your message to customer’s households. Essentially, door drops include anything that lands through your letterbox, ranging from promotional leaflets, brochures, vouchers, coupons or even new or existing product samples.

Although, door drops have received a negative press, being viewed as a blanket approach to targeting customers. However, with continuous new developments in targeting customers, a more precise selection of your ideal audience can be selected at individual street level, increasing engagement and ROI!


98% of customers see and receive door drops, so there is potential to reach almost every household in the UK. Recent research from Royal Mail has found, 92% of respondents read door drop material delivered to their house, almost 60% visited a company’s website and 67% of people were prompted to make a purchase after receiving a door drop. Finally, 20% of respondents share the material with other members of the household, further extending the reach of door drop material to other potential customers.

For more information about door drops take a look at the Market Reach Guide


  • Cost-efficient
    Postcards and leaflets are usually the cheapest to produce, getting your message directly into the homes and hands of your customers. PSE will help and advise on the most cost-efficient method of creating your campaign.
  • Highly targeted
    Door drops can be highly targeted by using the latest technology and the increasing availability of numerous customer lifestyle databases.
  • GDPR Compliant
    One of the benefits of using door drops is they fall out of the GDPR regulations. They are compliant as they do not target people at an individual level instead, you can use postcode areas to create ideal prospects to be targeted but are still legal. Read our latest guide for more information!
  • Creative freedom!
    Compared to direct mail, there is much more creative freedom in your campaigns. For example, you could use multipage brochures to give customers more information, vouchers or coupons with discounts or even samples of new or existing products. Door drops are a great way of integrating your campaigns, by using QR codes or unique discount codes to drive customers online and to monitor the results of a campaign.

Here at PSE, we’ve been helping some of the UK’s most ambitious, fastest-growing brands with their offline marketing for over 24 years. Our comprehensive service allows them to free up precious time to push their business forward. From luxury retail and travel to subscription services and mail order, we’ve worked in a broad range of sectors and with a huge array of companies. If you have a campaign idea get in touch with a member of the team today!

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