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High-quality data is the bottom line of success for any business, data cleansing and profiling is the first step in any data project. Make smarter, more informed decisions, and prevent costly mistakes by getting to know your demographic better. Our report will analyse your current customers and report back insights such as age, council tax band, income, MOSAIC profile and more…..

How will it help you?

  • Maximise Revenue Opportunities
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Reduce Costs and Eliminate Waste
  • Achieve Greater Customer Insight

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What will PSE do for you?

Send us your current data

Send us your current customer database safely and securely using our GDPR compliant online file transfer service.

We analyse your data

Our team of experts will review your data and compare it to our database of around 26 million up-to-date contacts.

Receive your report

We send you your report and permantly delete your data from our system. Our report will give you the most up-to-date insights on your demographic and highlight how much of your data is out of date.

Get better results!

The report will allow you to: maximise revenue, improve customer experience, reduce costs and eliminate waste and achieve greater customer insight.

What will you get in your report?

Know Your Customers

Knowing your current customers better will ensure you can more accurately target new customers driving up your ROI. Our report includes insights such as age, gender, household income, individual income, MOSAIC profiles and more!

It's Yours To Keep

Once you receive your report, it yours to keep forever. This report allows you to make informed decisions on future campaigns, both digital and offline. Better targeting means better results.

How Clean Is Your Data?

Not only is this report free it will also save you money on your next campaign as it will tell you how much of your data is out of date! Meaning you are not wasting money sending marketing to customers who have moved on.  

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