This article is to explain what offline marketing is, the benefits of using print media as an offline marketing tool and using both offline and online marketing to boost your marketing strategy. Print Strategy are the experts in print media as an offline marketing tool see how we can help you.

What is Offline Marketing?

Offline marketing encompasses anything that isn’t online, so we’re talking radio and TV commercials, press advertising, billboards, telemarketing and more. But perhaps most importantly, it also includes anything that uses printed media – from magazine or third-party inserts, to leaflets, point of sale material and direct mail. At Print Strategy we specialists in printed media, dealing with a wide range of successful brands, develop their print marketing strategy.

What are the benefits of using print media in offline marketing?

Offline or traditional marketing techniques have been around for a long time, in fact direct mail first started to appear in America, way back in the 1700s. And there’s good reason for such longevity – it’s highly effective:

  • Direct mail can be highly targeted – by demographics, interests or purchase behaviour (Royal Mail)
  • 92% of direct mail is opened (Royal Mail)
  • 50% of UK adults took action after receiving direct mail (Royal Mail)
  • Direct mail remains on view in the household for an average 17 days, whereas digital messages are viewed once if at all (Direct Marketing Association)
  • For every £1 spent – direct mail delivers an average £3.22 return on investment and online returns £3.12 (Royal Mail)

Bloom and Wild Direct Mail Example


Combining online and offline marketing

In an ideal marketing strategy, online and offline marketing should coexist in perfect harmony. Each one has the ability to support and enhance the other and you can combine the two to great effect.

For example, an email shot to your database to alert them that your new printed catalogue is arriving in the mail will help raise awareness and sales. Equally, direct mail campaigns are highly effective in driving customers online to complete the sale on your website.

In fact, consumers are now making little distinction between their online and offline experiences with brands. They simply expect the two elements to work seamlessly and the popularity of ‘click and collect’ is just one of the outward signs of this. It’s therefore becoming essential that companies take an integrated approach to marketing, blending online with offline to increase brand visibility and interactivity, and offering customers a consistent experience on websites, social media, mobile devices and offline campaigns.

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How Print Strategy can help

As offline marketing specialists, we’ve been helping some of the UK’s most ambitious, fastest growing brands with their print marketing for over 20 years. Our comprehensive service allows them to free up precious time to push their business forward. From luxury retail and travel, to subscription services and mail order, we’ve worked in a broad range of sectors and with a huge array of companies.

What we can do for you:

  • Show you the formats that work best for our clients and why
  • Save you thousands on postage with our insider knowledge and expertise
  • Share the small, cost-neutral steps that can make a huge impact on your results

If you’d like to learn more about our offline marketing service, contact the team today.

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