Save money on your next marketing campaign

As a marketer, you are always trying to get the highest return on investment as possible. An easy way of achieving that goal is to save money on your campaign. If your campaign is cheaper, the ROI will automatically increase. But how do you save money and ensure your campaign doesn’t suffer? It’s easier than you think. This blog could potentially save you thousands depending on the size of your campaign. These are our 5 easy tips to save money on your next marketing campaign.  

  1. Clean your data.
  2. Partially addressed mail over direct mail.
  3. Use Royal Mail’s QR code incentive.
  4. Recycled paper stock.
  5. Market to your current customers.

Clean your data

CLEAN YOUR DATA! We put this first on the list as it’s the most significant and most effortless saving you can make. We want to scream this from the rooftops, write it in skywriting, or even broadcast it on repeat on every channel forever. This is the first thing we always advise our customers on as dirty data can cost even a small campaign hundreds of pounds. 

What do we mean by dirty data? Every company will have a minimum of 2 data pools. A customers pool and prospects pool. But do you know how accurate, old or well-formatted your data is? If it’s outdated and not formatted then it is dirty data. Data can degrade by 30% annually. This is because over 100,000 people move house every month, and unfortunately, thousands more die. So it’s vital to keep on top of your data.

You might think, so my data is a bit out of date, so what? Apart from the fact that you will be wasting stock by sending marketing materials to people who may no longer be at the address. Royal Mail offers substantial discounts for up-to-date, well-formatted, accurate data. These discounts are where you can save BIG money. 

How do you clean your data? Most mailing houses will offer a data cleaning service (psst, so do we. Click here to find out more). They run your data through various systems including the Royal Mail Postal Address Finder, sometimes called PAF (which by law they must keep up to date). They will then report back different options and levels of cleaning. You want to be aiming for a PAF score of 90% or higher. Ideally, 95% or higher will be best. The cost of cleaning can vary wildly but the savings you will incur vastly outweigh the cost. 

Partially Addressed Mail

Partially addressed mail was a form of advertising mail that Royal Mail introduced to kick start the industry again after the GDPR legislation was passed in 2018. Since then, this form of advertising mail has quickly become one of the most effective and cheapest ways of marketing to prospects. 

Partially addressed mail is essentially a direct mail campaign, but you do not include any personal information on the addresses or campaign messaging. In essence, you are advertising to the household, not the individuals who reside there. 

Because you can’t use names, doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with the salutations, use greetings like “Dear chocolate lover” and so on. As you are not personalising the address, it can mean that the open rate may not be as high as direct mail. However, this method of marketing has proven to work best for larger-scale campaigns.  Please note that Partially addressed mail is only available to prospect data, not current customers. 

How does Partially addressed save you money? The data you purchase (if you need to acquire some prospect data) is much cheaper than regular data with personal info on. You can still filter and refine your data in the exact same way as if you were buying data for a direct mail campaign. As this is a Royal Mail incentive, the postage rates are also highly discounted saving you further money in the process. 

 QR Code Incentive

QR codes are coming back in a big way, and they could save you money. I’m sure you have seen and probably even tried using QR codes on your marketing before. The nifty little squares that you scan with your smartphone, usually taking you to a landing page of some kind. They are making a resurgence thanks partly to a Royal Mail incentive and the technology developing further. 

QR codes have come a long way in the last few years. More and more websites are popping up offering copyright free QR codes you can create yourself and download for your marketing pieces. A quick Google search will bring up plenty of free sites. These sites also allow you to customise the QR codes with your logo, colour even changing the square dots to round ones and even include them in images. These new customised QR codes now fit in with your branding, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. 

Now how do they save you money? Royal Mail is convinced that it worth using QR codes on your advertising mail that much, they have incentivised doing so. As with all Royal Mail incentives, you must meet the specific criteria. But you can save a massive 15% off your postage! This incentive is running from June to December inclusive. 

Recycled Stock

Using recycled stock can be the perfect way to let your customers know you care about the environment. Plus it has the added bonus of helping you apply for the Royal Mail Sustainablitlity incentive. But doing so can work out more expensive than printing on regular virgin paper stock. This is due to the additional manufacturing processes that go into making recycled paper. 

Did you know that there are other ways to decrease your carbon footprint and still qualify for the sustainability incentive? The first and most obvious way is to have a blended paper stock. Mixing a percentage of recycled paper with virgin fibres can reduce the cost of the paper stock. 

The second way is to carbon balance your non-recycled paper stock (you can also balance your recycled stock). You can find out more here. But the short version is you pay a small surcharge for the unavoidable carbon emissions created in the manufacture of the stock. This small charge can be as little as £6.50, and you will then get a certificate, personalised to you, which will show you how much carbon you have offset. You then get access to the Woodland Trust logo. You can use this on your advertising as Royal Mail recognise this scheme, saving money on the sustainability incentive.

Market to your current customers

Referral marketing

This one is nice and easy. It costs 5 times as much to bring in a new customer compared to enticing a current customer back. There are multiple ways of doing this, but our top recommendation is to use programmatic mail to recover customers abandoned baskets. Programmatic mail has been a viable marketing channel in its digital version for years. But our programmatic system utilises the exceptional conversion rates of direct mail. This helps to entice customers back by offering customers either offers or similar products that they have abandoned in their online shopping basket.   

It does this automatically too. You set up the template pick the predetermined point that triggers the script to send out the letter. Then you sit back and watch the customers come rolling back in. We have multiple case studies that show abandoned basket conversion rates of 18%! Read more here. 

There you have our 5 top tips on how to save money on your next marketing campaign. We hope you found this helpful. Our team at PSE are bursting with ideas on how you could save even more money. So get in touch today and take your campaigns to the next level. If you found this post helpful, please share it using the buttons below.  

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