PSE Wisdom

We talk a lot about our experience and expertise at PSE, but it’s something that we treat as very organic. We don’t really stop and think just how many years of experience and how many different expert brains are actually contributing to even the smallest of decisions. It all just comes very naturally.

So, because we’re a fan of making things tangible (that’s why we’re in offline marketing after all) we wanted to try and find a way to bring our experience and expertise to life a little more, something that would allow us to package our expertise and experience up into some kind of tool.

Introducing PSE Wisdom. Our experience and expertise is no longer something in the back of our minds or simply instinct. It’s a giant shared brain that is packed full of data to draw insights from that will shape future campaign planning and execution.

It’s been a mammoth task collating our records, but now it’s super easy to extract what we need to know what works.

Let’s just take a look at the data from January 2020 until July 2021.

We’ve delivered:

£3,017,220.77 in revenue for our clients across our campaigns

  • An average response rate of 1.94%
  • An average ROI of £2.10
  • An average cost per acquisition of £15.76

Why is this so useful?

This isn’t just an ego trip for us; databasing our historical data gives us powerful insights into what works and what doesn’t, and we can use this to create really accurate benchmarks for future campaigns. We can filter our results to create customised benchmarks such as only including data for clients that are in the same sector as another client for example, or campaigns that are using the same format, or both!

This means we can help our clients to better budget for campaigns, and to know what ROI to expect before a penny has even been spent. It is basically us being able to optimise campaigns before the campaign has even started.

It also means PSE Wisdom is the place to come to for industry insights. We will regularly be using our data to conduct research about the latest trends within the offline marketing sector. What’s performing well, what isn’t, what kind of spend is needed to achieve certain results etc.

We’ve been pioneering offline marketing for a long time, so figured it’s about time we stepped up and shared our Wisdom.

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