Programmatic Mail

by PSE - Offline Marketing
PSE Mail is a form of Programmatic Mail. This is a cost effective way of recovering lost and abandoned baskets by using an automated direct mail system. PSE Mail can boast huge response rates in converting abandoned baskets.

PSE Mail is a simple bit of code that sits on your eCommerce site and tracks your customers on your website. Then at a predetermined point (usually at an abandoned cart) a piece of personalised direct mail is printed, packaged, and shipped AUTOMATICALLY and will land at your customer’s doorstep within 48 hours.

Adding Direct Mail into your mix can boost ROI by 12%   

We like to keep things simple. You pay a monthly flat rate and you receive the following.


Set up and installation


All relevant templates


Set number of mailings per month

Don’t worry if you go over your monthly limit we will still send the mailing and charge you per letter. We will then let you know allowing you to rethink your monthly allowance.

Does it work?

A successful brand partnered with PSE Mail to test a programmatic direct mail strategy. The test focused on triggering relevant, personalised, physical media to customers who browsed on the client’s website but did not go through to make a purchase. The overarching goal was to see an increase in customer engagement online and to increase overall conversions.


Number mailed who returned to website

Letters sent


People who converted

Only 1 in 3 customers who converted as a result of receiving the mailing actually used the Direct Mail discount code! That was over 1000 conversions who wouldn’t have returned to the website without the mailer.

Customer engagement


1370 abandoned cart conversions didn’t even use the code

Incremental uplift as a result of the mailer


of customers who received the mailer came back to the website

Automated Direct Mail

Programmatic automates your customer communications freeing up your and your teams time, allowing you to concentrate on new customers. Fill in the form below to speak to one of our experts.

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