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Make smarter, more informed decisions, and prevent costly mistakes by getting to know your demographic better.

Data is 40% of your marketing campaign 

Data is a huge part of any marketing campaign. So you need clean, reliable, targeted data. That’s where PSE can help. We can cleanse and supply data to you and can report back to you how successful your campaign was. Plus using the 25 years of data we have on offline marketing campaigns we can forecast your campaign by comparing it to similar campaigns in your sector.

Data Cleanse

Having clean data is vital to marketing campaigns both offline and online. Ensuring you’re getting your message into the right hands at the right time is the key to success. Cleaning your data can save you money on your postage as Royal Mail offer discounts for clean, reliable data. Dirty data can also be putting you at risk of breaching the GDPR legislation.

Data Supply

If you are trying to reach a whole new demographic PSE can help you find them. You simply give us your ideal demographic profile and or geo-location and we will source up to date, clean data for you. The data will be supplied in a fully GDPR compliant way. 

Campaign Review

PSE can now give you and your team a fully comprehensive campaign review. You supply us with your sales data and we will match your campaign results to the transactional data in a fully GDPR compliant way. The report is 100% honest. If your campaign didn’t perform as well as expected we will report back to you exactly where your campaign could have performed better.

Campaign Planning

With over 25 years of experience in offline marketing campaigns, we can compare your campaign to thousands of others.  We can also supply you with a full breakdown based on multiple variables such as age, gender and so on. Click below to forecast your next campaign.

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