Hotel Chocolat – Valentine’s day

Hotel Chocolat and PSE have worked together once again to create a stunning Valentine’s day marketing campaign that’s doesn’t focus on partners but everyone special in your life. With split testing and foil blocking this campaign is sure to get a great ROI and stand out from the crowd.

The project

The project was a Valentine’s day campaign that A) stood out from the crowd B) wasn’t your typical run of the mill Valentine’s day campaign C) split tested.


Hotel Chocolat used vivid imagery and cool modern colours to give the roll fold, brochures and envelopes to make the campaign modern but still feeling affectionate. The campaign revolves around the special people in your life, not necessarily your partner. The campaign walks the line of friends, family or lovers perfectly. Hotel Cholcolat used split testing to test this campaign and improve future campaigns. Test A consisted of a full colour brochure sent in an envelope. Test B was the same full colour brochure BUT with brilliant blue foil blocking as seen overleaf. This brochure was sent naked as the addresses were printed on the reverse.     

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