Hotel Chocolat / POS

Hotel Chocolat wanted to create an opulent 1920s party theme for the launch of their new season, using modern, stylised drawings. They approached Print Strategy to make their stylish illustrations really stand out.

“Print Strategy are an invaluable partner in supporting all printed aspects for our marketing campaigns and new store launches. They offer a wide range of print possibilities, provide innovative and practical ideas and supply an outstanding level of print quality.”

Group Marketing Manager


To achieve an impressive look and feel and not just of the event, but of the whole season itself. Rather than using modern, coated materials to add glimmer and shine, we decided to use a traditional technique, but applied in a contemporary way. We stripped the piece back to a basic, traditional offset card and then used gold foil for maximum contrast. Gold foil blocking has been around for many years and was traditionally used to give a feel of luxury and quality, which it certainly did in this instance.


The result was a great success, with the gold foil of the chandeliers in the illustration giving the appearance of the candles actually being lit. The whole piece had a luxurious, yet exciting and festive feel.

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