Hotel Chocolat / Point of sale – National Gin Day 2019

Our latest project shows an example of a point of sale created for Hotel Chocolat. This is to be used in stores across the UK to celebrate National Gin Day on the 8th June 2019.

“Print Strategy are an invaluable partner in supporting all printed aspects for our marketing campaigns and new store launches. They offer a wide range of print possibilities, provide innovative and practical ideas and supply an outstanding level of print quality.”

Group Marketing Manager


This example of point of sale is a magnetic display board to advertise National Gin Day on the 8th June 2019. Using the best quality materials and print to ensure the images look good enough to drink!


We regularly create point of sale items for Hotel Chocolat to display in their stores all over the UK. Using our online ordering system Sprint, this allows individual stores to reorder items including point of sales when required. Giving them huge time and cost savings.

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