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We have been working with Hotel Chocolat since 2008, during which time Hotel Chocolat has experienced fast growth. As a result, Print Strategy has stepped in to take over many aspects of the marketing support. As a multi-channel retailer, Hotel Chocolat’s print requirement is large and varied. By using Print Strategy to manage the entire print requirement, Hotel Chocolat aim to achieve consistently high quality print but also to make some cost and time savings.

“Print Strategy are an invaluable partner in supporting all printed aspects for our marketing campaigns and new store launches. They offer a wide range of print possibilities, provide innovative and practical ideas and supply an outstanding level of print quality.”

Group Marketing Manager


By planning Hotel Chocolat’s print production more efficiently, we regularly save the company large amounts of time. This also allows us to buy paper in bulk and always having material in stock brings down costs. By recommending the right print material, we help the marketing team manage brand consistency and protect their prime asset. Buying in bulk is also more environmentally friendly.


With our online ordering system, Sprint, the marketing team at Hotel Chocolat can place orders and change artwork, with instant online proofing and without needing a designer, saving time. Sprint is affectionately known as their own ‘Amazon’ amongst the marketing team.

We also save Hotel Chocolat thousands of pounds on catalogue production. We personally attend the press pass to sign off and always get the best quality print for the best prices.

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