Astley Clarke – The Gift Guide

Astley Clarke – The Gift Guide stands out from the rest by utilising foil blocking. Read on to see how PSE created this beautiful guide.

The project

Astley Clarke wanted their Gift Guide to stand out from the rest. The way PSE and Astley Clarke achieved this was to use foil blocking on virtually every page of their 10 page Roll Fold. Foil blocking adds that extra shine and really draws attention to the exquisite images. The high contrast between the deep blacks and the gold foil gives the overall feel of elegance and premium quality for the project.


By using a heavy 300gsm Claro Bulk glossy material and Luxor 385 foil PSE ensured the roll fold felt as premium as possible. PSE printed the roll folds, ensured the customers data was clean, we then printed the addresses and finally distributed the roll folds.

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