Introducing PSE Mail – Programmatic Direct Mail

What is Programmatic Direct Mail and How Can it Help Increase Your Sales?

Do you know how many abandoned carts you have on your website? Over 70% of all online shopping carts are abandoned! Do you track your abandoned carts? Do you try to recover them? Feel like these customers are slipping through your fingers? You could send them an email asking and prompting them to reconsider but the majority of emails are deleted within a few seconds. It can seem like that’s all you can do, but you’re wrong, there is now an even easier way of recovering abandoned baskets with great results. Use PSE Mail (Programmatic Direct Mail).

Data from Formisimo

What’s programmatic direct mail?

PSE Mail is a form of programmatic direct mail. It’s a way of fusing the speed of online with the superior conversion rates of direct mail. All you have to do is insert some code into your eCommerce website, this will then allow the automation of PSE Mail to happen. The code will track your users and then at a determined point chosen by you (usually abandoned baskets) a trigger will be pulled and a customised mailer will be sent out to prompt your customer to complete the purchase.


The mailings

The mailings are 100% customisable. We will supply you with the templates for both the envelope and the A4 double-sided full colour “letter”. The mailings can offer personalised discounts, prompts to return, other products that may be of more interest to your customer. The mailings will be printed, sent and delivered within 48 hours of the trigger being activated.

Some of the facts

  • 70% of all online shopping baskets are abandoned
  • 92% of all direct mail is opened according to Royal Mail
  • One case study showed an incredible 25% abandoned cart recovery rate

How can it help you?

The above facts speak for themselves. So how can PSE Mail help you? It’s never been easier for you to use programmatic direct mail. Our highly skilled team will take you through every step of the process. We will work with you so you get the highest return on investment possible. From helping decide on a trigger point, implementing the code into your website and helping with your designs. Don’t forget that once the implementation is done and you have got your mailings designed, you can sit back and relax and watch your recovery of abandoned carts rise and rise.


In the age of big data, we know having useful reliable data is key to getting results. That’s why as part of the package you will receive regular reports with detailed analysis and analytics. Allowing you to tweak and improve your campaigns to ensure that the rate of conversions for abandoned carts goes one way, up!

What do I get?

We like the easy life at PSE and our motto is if it’s complicated it’s wrong. That’s why everything is included in your monthly subscription costs. You pay one flat rate and you get the following

  • Our advice and expertise
  • Implementation and set up
  • Templates
  • Reports
  • Agreed number of sent mailings per month
  • Postage

Don’t worry if you go over your agreed number of monthly physical mailings, any overs will be charged at a discounted rate.  And that’s it, there is no fixed way of recovering abandoned carts but using programmatic direct mail is a brilliant way of improving your chances. Plus this service usually works out more cost effective compared to an ad hoc direct mail campaign.

Case studies

Below is a fact sheet showing some case study results.


PSE Mail or programmatic direct mail is one of the latest services offered by PSE. Why not get in touch today to see how it can help you recover you abandoned carts. Give us a call today on 01905 759700 today.

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