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Who are PACT? 

Pact are on a mission to get the UK drinking better coffee by making incredible, freshly roasted coffee accessible to everyone. Their world-class beans are bought from dedicated farmers, traded directly to cut out middlemen and ensure a fair price is paid. They then hand-roast them in London and ship within 7 days to thousands of homes and 150 wholesale customers.

Meet the demographic


  • 47% Male
  • Aged 26-45
  • Coffee Enthusiasts
  • First-time coffee subscription users
  • Prioritise quality




Flexible Plans

PACT doesn’t like the word “subscription”. Their customers can choose and adjust delivery dates whenever they like – skipping, pausing, changing and even cancelling orders at will.

Variety & Choice

PACT source from 8+ origins, with 4 potential roast levels, 5 grind sizes, and a constantly rotating coffee menu. Because their customers should get the coffee they want, when they want.

Quality Coffee

Always arabica, 100% speciality grade, expertly roasted and freshly ground on the day it’s shipped – their coffee is pretty special. PACT make sure quality comes first, every time.

Ethical Sourcing

Paying a premium of 25-125% above Fairtrade prices, PACT source directly from the farmer. PACT also provides training and investment opportunities, so they can grow as the company does


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