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PSE & the pet industry

We’re all about data-driven strategy, and, as you may have guessed, attaining first-party information on an animal isn’t easily done. As a result, some of the traditional approaches are not as useful in certain industries so what do we do differently that delivers tangible results to our clients in the pet industry?

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When it comes to marketing in the pet industry, it’s important to remember that the audience is not the human, but the dog, cat, iguana….

Unfortunately, there is very little data available to help businesses understand their target market, and standard approaches only go so far. With the recent pet boom during lockdown and increased investment and competition in the industry, it’s crucial to stand out. 

Augmented internal data

We possess the UK’s largest independent dog/cat/pet data source. However, these animals aren’t all happy to eat the same kibble and wear the same lovely Christmas jumpers. Breed, age, and the existence of another household pet can all influence the purchase behaviour of their owners, which means we need to augment our data with methods like social listening.

For example, we know that a dog’s diet is established soon into their days as a pet, which means engaging early is crucial. To achieve this, we have built ‘early listening’ tools to identify where puppies may be living, before filtering the waste, matching against known records, and targeting a reliable audience set with our clients’ campaigns.


Lower media wastage

If you’re a frequent visitor of the local park, you may be surprised to hear that only 34% of households own a dog. As a result, broad media channels are rarely effective, wasting reach and budget before they even have to think about engaging their target audience. Guided by in-depth household data, offline marketing with PSE is placed directly in front of the relevant people and pets. This helps to greatly reduce media and budget wastage, and heighten your ROI.

Our PET experience

Aside from being pet-lovers ourselves, the tangible results we have achieved with a range of clients are testament to our success and experience within the pet industry. Having assisted with the growth of household names like Pets At Home, Vets4Pets, and many more, not only are we well versed in the broad range of offerings within the industry, our work has allowed us to build a wealth of partnerships and resources that can be used to further bolster your campaigns.


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