Offline Marketing Ideas

Coming up with new offline marketing ideas for your company can be hard, especially because offline marketing has such a broad spectrum of mediums. We have listed below some of our favourite pieces to hopefully inspire you and give you some ideas to use in your next campaign.

A5 Brochures

Brochures have fantastic response rates because you have the room to tell a story to your customers. They can come with just a few pages or more pages showing the full range of products you offer. As a direct mail piece, they are priceless.  

Baby Mori – 

Mori creates beautiful brochures by using adorable pictures of babies and children on their front covers. The imagery ensures you open and browse through the whole brochure. They use whites and off whites to give the feel of purity. On this particular booklet, Mori used a discount code to really ensure they converted prospects. 

The Fish Society – 

The Fish Society brochure is brilliant due to its simplicity. Showing tempting plates of food on the front cover guarantees customers look inside. Then inside a simple layout and stunning images of the food jumps out from the page and almost looks good enough to eat. 

Mr & Mrs Smith –

Mr & Mrs Smith little white book of honeymoons is elegance personified. This stunning yet straightforward brochure showcases their honeymoon destinations in a significant way. The letter to customers on the second page inspires people to read on and engage with the content. They also used debossing on the front cover to add that touch of class and luxury. 

A6 Brochures

Obviously, A6 brochures are the same as the above A5 Brochure but half the size. However, they still allow you to tell an engaging story. This little brochure always packs a punch as they can cost less on delivery and because they are a smaller form people are more likely to file them away and keep them as they take less space in the drawer. 

Secret Escapes / Lexus – 

Lexus and Secret Escapes joined forces to promote the most beautiful roads to drive in Britain then some secret escapes within those areas. Again stunning imagery and engaging copy told a great story. 

Bloom & Wild – 

Bloom and Wild created the scented garden A6 brochure that wasn’t your typical brochure. It used quite a heavy paper stock paired with great imagery oozed luxury. They also offered a code inside the booklet but teased the discount on the front cover inspiring the reader to go hunting for it. 

T.H. Baker

Now not technically a brochure but a worthy mention, T.H. Baker’s guarantee usees a heavy paper stock with added texture to make it feel like a leather-bound book. They also used a silver foil block to continue with the luxury feel of their jewellery. 


The leaflet is an all-encompassing term. But we have categorised it as a single piece printed both sides. These come in all different shapes and sizes and can be part of a letter or other mail items( also called inserts), but we’re just concentrating on the leaflet itself. Let’s have a look.

Bulb –

Bub, the energy company, used bold colours and simple, eye-catching offers, and unusual shape to grab the readers attention. The “offer” card on the bottom has a perforation to allow the potential customer to pull off the card to save it for later. 

PSE – 

Our card advertising heavy recycled paper stock was, of course, printed on heavy recycled paper stock. The unlaminated feel enforced the natural feeling, and the image also backed up the message we were going for. 

Gousto – 

Gousto used an intense bold red and foil-blocked the offer. This means that as soon as you hold the “leaflet”, you instantly know what is on offer. Very eye-catching. 

Tribe – 

Tribe put an insert into Proviz packages as they share similar demographics. Enticing the customers to use their product with an introductory offer and boasting their Trustpilot scores. 

Hotel Chocolat – 

Hotel Chocolat created a direct mailing piece to their subscribers. Offering an exclusive offer to them. The mouth-watering photos of the chocolate were sure to get responses. The article is a typical direct mail piece which can be sent as is because the address and stamps are printed directly onto it. They elevated it with lovely pictures of their gift boxes. 


Offline marketing doesn’t stop when you have captured the customer. It can help repeat business by keeping your brand in front of your customer. An excellent way of doing this is by branding your boxes. 

Cornerstone – 

Cornerstone brands their boxes with their products to promote repeat business. The colour scheme and images of cucumber and mint etc. give it a fresh feel. They also advertise the fact that the materials were sustainably resourced. 

Inspire me Korea – 

The inspire me Korea unboxing experience is flawless. The pastel colour scheme gives the box a cool feel, and the sketch images all relate to Korea. Then when you open the box, the picture of a waterfall stands out as this is the only full-colour image on the box. We didn’t win this job but we loved the design.

Anything Else

Below are a couple of ideas that are outside of the box and don’t fall into a category. As PSE are the offline specialists, a lot of these are ours as we always try new and inventive ideas. We can then pass these on to you. 

Marine Conservation Society – Z fold

This Z fold piece is a really innovative piece of marketing. It means you can fit a large amount of information into such a small space. It is also an item you can fidget and play with opening and closing. Meaning that it will have a longer advertising life span. 

PSE – Roll folds

This is a great mailing item as again it allows you to tell a story without taking up too much space. You can use each page for a different service or product. These can be sent naked as the address can be printed directly. 

PSE – Advent Calendar mailer

This is a great Christmas piece as the windows can be fully customised. Maybe put a different offer under each window that’s valid for each week of the advent? 

PSE – Pop up box

Another Christmas design for us, but it doesn’t need to be. The box is spring-loaded and pops out when the carry case is opened. This is sure to leave a lasting impression with your customers. 

Gymshark – 

These exclusive looking boxes are an excellent way to deliver a membership, gift or loyalty card. Both sides extended simultaneously to reveal your message and the gift card. These scream luxury and will leave your customers slack-jawed. 


There we have some of our favourite offline marketing ideas. We hope they have inspired you. In the 25 plus years PSE have been operating we have had many projects of all shapes, sizes and colours. We love a challenge, if you have a project you would like help with, please, get in touch here.  

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