Generate new revenue with box inserts

1/3 of all UK purchases are ordered online – that’s a lot of boxes going directly to people’s homes, waiting to be opened.

We can help you generate extra revenue by finding compatible brands who want to advertise in your boxes. Or generate new leads by partnering up with brilliant brands who are ready to host your inserts in their boxes.

Inserts are the only marketing channel that is guaranteed to not only to get into the home, but directly into the hands of the recipient, it’s no wonder you can achieve such fantastic results.

We can insert at source

Typically inserts are limited to boxes that are packaged after an order is placed, but not with PSE. Thanks to our years of experience and expertise, we have a way of getting inserts into products that are packaged months before orders are placed. This opens up a whole new world of potential brand partners and exciting campaign possibilities.


We’ve got you covered.

Don’t worry, PSE can handle everything for you.


We analyse your data to define your ideal audience


We identify the potential partners who best match your ideal audience


We will broker the best partnership deal possible for you


We help you design the very best and most effective creative


We manage the printing, distribution, timings, and bookings

Basically we make it simple, straight forward and effective.

Ready to start placing inserts?

Some of Europe’s biggest and most exciting brands and publications are here, waiting to boost your brand. Budgets typically start from just £10,000 per month and prices are agreed per thousand; thanks to the already established trust the audience has for the partner brand, it’s the perfect way to generate new leads and drive customer acquisition.

Ready to host inserts?

If you send out more than 20,000 despatches each month you can generate tens of thousands of pounds in additional revenue each year.

In a world full of digital noise, tangible experiences have become an appreciated novelty. Unlike many digital ads which can be intrusive and easily ignored and even blocked, inserts are a marketing channel that people actively engage with.

Your box space is an untapped opportunity for a new revenue stream. To find out how much your box space is worth, get in touch with the PSE team; all we need to know is how many boxes you despatch per month and your customer profile.

Join the PSE Insert Network

If you want to be one of the businesses who are making a success of insert marketing, then join the PSE Insert Network. When you join the network, we cross match potential fits and automatically let you know who’s boxes would best suit you. Whether it’s hosting your own or placing your offers into their box. It’s completely free to join, and you have total control of who you host in your boxes or where you advertise. Plus, our profiling services ensures you only receive offers from brands that a relevant to you. For every identified opportunity PSE will provide a complete end to end service which ensures you require very little day to day involvement. Our reporting provides you with clear information, giving you full control of this channel.

 To become of a member of Europe’s best insert network contact the PSE Offline Marketing team today.