Insert Management

Generate £1000s of NEW revenue with box inserts

Box space has never been more valuable and with 1/3 of all UK purchases now being ordered online its value is only going to increase.

As pioneers in box insert marketing, PSE can help you generate extra revenue by finding non-competitive businesses who want to advertise in your boxes. Or generate new leads by joining a network of brilliant brands who are ready to host inserts in their boxes.

Inserts are the only marketing channel that is guaranteed not only get into the home, but directly into the hands of the recipient, it’s no wonder you can achieve such fantastic results.


A quick look at the numbers


Increase in home deliveries from PSE clients in 2020

Number of inserts placed by PSE so far on 2020


Percentage of box spaces still available in the UK

Ready To Start Placing Box Inserts?

Get Inside Exciting Brands Dispatches

Do you have a monthly budget of £10,000 or more? We’re sure we can help you!

Some of Europe’s biggest and most exciting brands are ready and waiting for you!  For an agreed price per thousand, you can generate new leads and get the added benefit of perceived trust as the recipient is already buying from that business.


Media Inserts Work Well Too

There are hundreds of publications who are happy to host your leaflets for a fixed price per thousand which can all be managed by PSE.


What PSE will do for you

PSE will identify the companies who best match your customer demographic, negotiate the best prices for you and manage the printing and distribution, ensuring your campaign lands on time.

There are a range of prices and monthly box quantities to suit every budget. We can help and advise on the best formats to use, provide the print to the highest quality and manage all of the booking in procedures for you.

Generate New Revenue By Hosting Box Inserts

Unleash a new revenue channel

If you send out more than 20,000 despatches each month you can generate tens of thousands of £’s in additional revenue each year.

Your box space has never been more valuable, and with home deliveries increasing exponentially, we have lots of customers who are looking for new advertising opportunities.

PSE can manage the whole process for you, from finding the right businesses, ensuring you are being paid the best market rates and delivering the leaflets into you, in a way that suits your business.

To find out how much your box space is worth contact the PSE team and tell us how many box despatches you send out per month, and your customer profile. Once we’ve got that information, our team will come back to you with a list of potential insert partners. Don’t worry we’ll manage the relationship for you.

Join the network today 

If you want to be one of the businesses who are making a success of insert marketing, by generating additional revenue, and winning new business, then we invite you to join the PSE insert network.

When you join the network, we cross match potential fits and automatically let you know who’s boxes would best suit you. Whether it’s hosting your own or placing your offers into their box.

It’s completely free to join, you have total control of who you host within your boxes or where you advertise. Plus, our profiling service ensures you only receive offers from brands that are relevant to you.

For every identified opportunity PSE will provide a complete end to end service which ensures you require very little day to day involvement. Our reporting provides you with clear information, giving you full control of this channel.

To become of a member of Europe’s best insert network contact the PSE Offline Marketing team today.


Do I have final say over which brands advertise in my dispatches?

Of course, you approve every single brand.

How do inserts generate a second income?

In two ways,

  1. Brands will pay you to advertise in your dispatches
  2.  Cross-selling your items 
Will my customers be put off?

No, our findings have found that customers like to receive offers from similar minded brands and customer often feel exclusivity and are more likely to purchase using these offers.

How many businesses are already using third party inserts

 In a recent survey of 60% of businesses put third party inserts into their despatches

Our product range is huge, does this mean it won’t work for us?

No, there are always complimentary companies who will want to advertise to your customers giving an income stream to yourselves while enhancing your customer experience.

I want in!

Great, fill in the contact form below, and one of our dedicated marketing consultants will be in touch to discuss your advertising space in more detail.

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