Reaching an audience of super-spenders

WHO are Homemovers?

Homemovers are individuals and families embarking on a journey to a new home. The unique audience encompasses those in the midst of a move, as well as those who have recently settled into their new home. As they navigate this time of change, they’re inundated by decisions about setting up their new living environment. Homemovers are unique in their needs and aspirations, seeking products and services that turn a new house into a comfortable and personalised home.

What’s so special?

To PSE, Homemovers are more than just people moving house.They’re a unique audience, brimming with potential for maximising ROI and marketing impact.

A Period of Super Spending

Homemovers have a far higher propensity to spend, and are less cost-sensitive over a period of around 18 to 24 months.

Unique Customer

Moving home puts people through various unique states of intention, which we can precisely map and take advantage of.

Consistently Renewing Audience

Around 120,000 people move home every month in the UK, allowing you to reach new potential customers each month

Our insights


Higher customer value

Higher order volume

Higher order value

How do we know?

At PSE, our expertise lies in the intelligent use of data to drive successful campaigns. We access up-to-date homemover data, a vital resource in understanding this dynamic market.

We also delve into our clients’ existing data, enriching and fine-tuning it to unlock its full potential. This dual approach enables us to craft highly effective targeting strategies, ensuring that our clients’ campaigns resonate with the right audience at the right time.

Who have we helped to reach homemovers?

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Dan Hennesey, Senior Growth Marketing Manager

Our process is proven to work

1. Understanding your customers

You provide 3 years of GDPR compliant transactional data.

From this we establish your audience segments and behaviour.

2. Understanding your Goals

We like to work collaboratively – at this stage, we meet with your team to learn your objectives, goals, and current strategies. Allow 3 hours.

3. Our Expertise

Our planners mine the data in context of your objectives and develop your bespoke growth marketing strategy.

4. The Plan

You receive a 6 month growth marketing plan tailored to your goals and more importantly YOUR customers.

5. The final details

This stage is all about implementation. But don’t worry, we are the experts. We will guide you through the whole process and make recommendations based on what’s best for you.

6. The Result

You achieve your goals. You have 10% revenue growth in the 4 key areas and written proof of promise.

And our clients agree

“PSE are always very responsive, they understand our business challenges and they work collaboratively to come up with creative solutions. Over time they’ve gained our confidence that they can work efficiently and to the best of their abilities and if there is anything within their remit we will always turn to them for assistance.”

Emma Aitken

Head of Performance Marketing, Allplants