There is limited time left to apply for Royal Mail’s holiday postage incentive! If you are planning on mailing between the selected dates you could save £1000s on postage with their latest discounts.


Using mail has proven to be an effective method of communicating with your target audience. Royal Mail is still offering their postage incentive which could save £1000s over the holiday period. If you are mailing between the selected dates below apply for the discount NOW!



If you have a planned mailing over Black Friday, ensure applications have been submitted by 15th November 2019 to participate in the incentive. Alternatively, if you are mailing over the Christmas period ensure applications are in before 13th December 2019.

To qualify for this deal your mail campaign must fit into these requirements:

  • For new Mailmark and Partially addressed mailings
  • Letters up to 250g
  • No postcards
  • A minimum of 50,000 items
  • Discount paid as postage credits


Don’t miss out on one of Royal Mail’s best offers, contact a member of the PSE team today who will help you through the application process or to see if your mailing fits the criteria. Find out more information on this offer including the teams and conditions CLICK HERE 

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