Being a sustainable business is a key value at PSE, we believe it is part of our responsibility to educate our clients about using environmentally friendly marketing campaigns. Find out our easy wins to a sustainable campaign!


Being a sustainable business is one of our core values at Print Strategy Europe. Our impact on the environment is important to us and we undertake many measures to ensure we support sustainability in our day-to-day business. Making all aspects of our processes better for the environment, including using FSC certified suppliers, sustainably sourced paper and vegetable oil-based inks.

We believe it is part of our responsibility to educate and promote environmentally friendly marketing to our clients. Today, being sustainable is not just seen as a ‘nice to have’ instead it is a necessity for attracting consumers and protecting your market share.

Believe it or not, producing environmentally friendly marketing isn’t just beneficial to the planet but can also offer costs savings in production and postage.

PSE’s Easy Wins to a sustainable direct marketing campaign:

  • Trying innovative designs
    Consider if all the elements included in your direct marketing campaigns are necessary. If possible, print on double-sided sided paper or remove the envelope and send a single piece of card instead! Trying different designs can not only save paper but will save on production costs.
  • Having a squeaky-clean database
    This is a no brainer! One of the biggest causes of paper wastage is sending undeliverable mail. Ensure your data is cleansed before sending out a campaign. Here at PSE, we can help with your data management to make sure you not only save paper and delivery costs, but you also get the highest ROI from your data.
  • What materials are being used?
    With thousands of options available to make your campaign stand out, it can be easy to forget about the environmental impact. Here at PSE, we will always offer a sustainable material option for your campaign. For example, instead of using poly wrap plastic, try paper wrap! The options are endless so contact us to find out more.
  • Consider using a single print management company!
    Using one supplier for your direct marketing campaigns can have huge environmental advantages such as reduced transportation, carbon footprint, and packaging. Here at Print Strategy Europe, we can handle all aspects of your direct marketing campaign, while always bearing in mind our and your environmental impact.

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