Christmas Marketing 2019 Review

JICmail has just released the Christmas stats from 2019. Let’s have a look and see how this data can affect this year’s Christmas marketing. 

All figures are taken from JICMail Christmas 2019 Retail Review.

Top 5 Results

1. Christmas is a time for sharing! Over the 2019 festive period, 1.14 people per household interacted with the average retail DM piece and 1.06 people with Door Drop. 

2. Both Direct Mail and Door Drops average lifespans are up on their 2018 figures. (Averaging at 8.6 and 6 days respectively). 

3. Variations in lifespans by brand for mail across this key trading season were notable, with Marks & Spencer (over 12 days on average) and Boots (over 11 days) standing out as top performers.

4. The average retail DM piece was interacted with 4.2 times per item and for Door Drops the figure was 2.8. These interactions/exposures prompt positive commercial outcomes: DM initiated positive effects throughout the purchase funnel with 12% prompting word of mouth brand discussions and 16% driving online actions (effects often attributed to other channels). A further 8% of items drove a purchase and 9% a voucher redemption. 4% of Door Drops in the retail sector resulted in either a purchase or the use of a voucher/ discount code while 8% drove upper funnel discovery actions such as planning a large purchase, brand discussions and online browsing. 

5. Complementing its longer than average lifespans, Marks & Spencer mail enjoyed the highest exposure rates with 4.84 interactions per item, closely followed by Cotton Traders and Studio as top-performing brands.

Christmas Marketing 2020

As you can see, Direct Mail and Door drops are still a big part of the Christmas marketing strategy, and the popularity is increasing year on year. We are expecting the popularity to grow again this year. If you need any help for your Christmas marketing campaign, PSE is here to help.

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