The Big 35 Challenge

The Cystic Fibrosis Trust is a charity close to all our hearts here at PSE. One of our customer services managers lost a very dear friend to the condition and our Director, Paul Newton’s family, has been receiving support from the wonderful charity for the past 35 months as his daughter suffers from Cystic Fibrosis.

Cystic Fibrosis Week

Starting from the 15th June, for a week in association with Cystic Fibrosis Week, we will be celebrating the resilience and strength of the community and trying to give a little something back.

We will be dedicating our week’s social media feed to raising awareness for the charity, educating people on the struggles of living with Cystic Fibrosis and what you can do to help.

The Big 35 Challenge

Plus we have created The Big 35 Challenge!! As a team, we have vowed to take on 35 challenges that, in some part, use the numbers 35. This could be a 35-mile bike ride, 35 burpees in 3.5 minutes or even catching 35 sweets in a row in your mouth. 

The week will culminate with a ‘virtual walking relay’ where you simply walk 3 miles, or whatever you can do, on either the 19th, 20th or 21st June and then make a donation of £10 here. Make sure to use the #walkingrelay along with the distance you’ve managed so we can keep a running total to see the distance we achieve between us.

The lockdown has effected everyone, and charities are some of those who have been hit the hardest. Please if you can donate anything, no matter how small, click here to do so.

Get involved

But also get involved and take on The Big 35 Challenge and send us your videos and pictures and we shall post them here. So stay tuned to see some of our ridiculous, and some hard challenges and again if you can, please donate here.

The Team explain what CF is.

Challenge 1

Andy’s Daughter Lilly has gotten involved and span around as fast as she could for 35 seconds. Not bad for a 2 year old!

Challenge 2

Paul Newton has ran 3.5 miles this lunch time.

Challenge 3

Paul Newton did 35 free throws. (With a little helping hand)

Challenge 4

Yasmin has learned how to count up to 35. Not that impressive? She did it JAPANESE!!!!!

Challenge 5

Emilija walked up 35 flights of stairs, Then back down again.

Challenge 6

Ellie threw and caught 35 Malteasers in a row!!!!

Challenge 7

Paul did a 3.5km row today. (He didn’t even break a sweat!!)

Challenge 8

Rob Newton managed to fit 35 pieces of popcorn into his mouth! He must have been a hamster in another life!!!

Challenge 9

Lucy put her drawing skills to the test by drawing a 35 made up of 35’s and using 35 35’s………….. my head hurts.

Challenge 10

Rob’s daughter Lucy has gotten involved and showed off her dog training skills. Here is lucy doing 35 Paw tricks with a little help from Lola the dog

Challenge 11

Hannah did 3.5 mins of jumping jacks. Here’s a snippet

Challenge 12

Lucy and Emilija put their Ping Pong skills to the test and did a relay. All social distancing rules were observed.

Challenge 13

Buddy the dog jumped an amazing 35 Inches!!!

Challenge 14

Hannah channelled her inner yoga instructor and stood on one leg with her eyes closed for 35 seconds. Sounds easy?? Give it a try……………….. It’s harder than it looks isn’t it?

Challenge 15

Andy ran 3.5 miles on his treadmill. (The video isn’t sped up he really is that quick!)

Challenge 16

Paul sunk 35 golf balls into his child’s paddling pool

Challenge 17

Adam set out to run 3.5km but got a little carried way.

Challenge 18

Rob and his dogs have been on a very soggy walk this afternoon for 3.5km

Challenge 19

Hannah did 3.5 mins of hula hooping

Challenge 20

Emilija had to find 35 stones and put them in a 35 in 35 seconds

Challenge 21

Ellie held a plank for 3.5 mins. Since the last time she went to the gym was probably 3.5 years ago we think this is very impressive.

Challenge 22

Phil’s dog wanted to get involved in the action and ate his fill of treats!!!!

Challenge 23

Jordan has done as many rounds of 35 push ups as he could! He ended up doing over 200!!!!

Challenge 24

Andy ate 35 peanut M&M’s in under 3.5 mins – Oh he did it only using chopsticks. (PS sorry for the camera wobble his wife found it funny!!)

Challenge 25

Rob’s wife Liss and Sue Pennington who is head of Corprorate Communications at Worcester Bosch did a 35 shot tennis rally

Challenge 26

Adam got his sweat on in the office today. He completed 35 Burpees

Challenge 27

Guy Wet out for a 3.5 mile run.

Challenge 28

Rob’s son Dan did 35 keepie upies with a cricket bat.

Challenge 29

Guy did an impressive 35 sets of 35 push ups!!

Challenges 30-35

We took part in a walking relay. People inside and outside of PSE over the weekend walked a certain amount (many walking 3.5 miles or more!). Then recorded what they walked. Together so far we have walked over 195 miles.

Everyone from PSE would like to say the BIGGEST thank you for everyone that joined in and donated. As we have said this is a charity close to our hearts and this money will go towards making a difference to those living with Cystic Fibrosis and their families.

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