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PSE Wisdom

We talk a lot about our experience and expertise at PSE, but it’s something that we treat as very organic. We don’t really stop and think just how many years of experience and how many different expert brains are actually contributing to even the smallest of...

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The Big 35 Challenge

The Cystic Fibrosis Trust is a charity close to all our hearts here at PSE. One of our customer services managers lost a very dear friend to the condition and our Director, Paul Newton’s family, has been receiving support from the wonderful charity for the past 35...

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Interview with our directors

A bit of a different blog post this week. With the lockdown easing and brands needing marketing now more than ever. I took the time to have a virtual coffee with the DIrectors of PSE, Paul, Phil and Rob Newton. In this interview with our directors, we spend just over...

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PSE – Offline Marketing

Even though the lockdown is in full force, PSE are still open for business as usual, and all of our staff are working hard to ensure our service remains at the highest level. We have been working hard behind the scenes and have lots of exciting updates on how PSE is evolving and how we have kept sane throughout the lockdown.

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Women Of PSE

To celebrate International Women's' day. We wanted to celebrate the women who work here at PSE. We asked them to share their wisdom with us and give any advice to young women everywhere. Here they are: Yasmin Barr - Customer Services Manager How long have you...

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What it takes to be a PSE supplier

We at PSE pride ourselves on quality, and we hold all of our manufacturers to the highest standards. This means that you, our customers, can rely on us to produce amazing pieces of offline marketing materials of the highest quality, in full, on time, every time. I...

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2020 Charity Plans

Charity Plans for 2020 Why We Donate to the CFT The Cystic Fibrosis Trust holds a very special place in the hearts of our employees. It’s very close to us because Print Strategy Director, Paul Newton, received the devastating news that his daughter has been diagnosed...

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2019 Round Up Of Print Strategy Europe

Here's the 2019 round up of what happened at Print Strategy Europe 2019 Round Up At PSE 2019 has been a fantastic year at PSE! Take a look at some of the highlights of our year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the amazing team at PSE for all their hard...

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As a family run company, our ethics and the impact we have on the environment around us are extremely important to us. We believe in using materials from sustainable sources, we use local printers to our customers to minimise our impact on the environment and we...

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