4 Things You Didn’t Know About Door Drops

Have you always passed off Door Drops because it’s flooding an area based on a distance from your business or store?

Do you believe that Door Drops are a scatter-gun approach, leafleting an area achieving low conversion rates?

These are common misconceptions when marketers talk about door drops. While Door Drops can help businesses drum up interest in your store within a selected area, they can also be highly targeted and an effective channel for all kinds of marketing campaigns.

In this blog post, I will explore four things you didn’t know about door drops.

Number 1 – Door Drops get results

JICMail delivers industry-standard audience measurement data for door drops have confirmed that door drops work.

From all door drops received, 2% of people reported that they bought or made a donation on the back of receiving a piece of door drop advertising.

That’s not all! 2% visited the sender’s website, 7% discussed the piece with another member of the household, extending the impact of your campaign.

In fact, due to Door Drops being a mail channel, it benefits from all the same strengths that Direct Mail has.

For instance, the average item reach for a Door Drop as reported by JICMail is 1.05, for every 100 people you send it to a further five people will see it. This rises for the retail sector as they can boast an interaction rate of 1.06.

Furthermore, the average life span of a Door Drop is 5.64 days in the household, far surpassing the life span of email and social media.

Within that time the frequency that the piece is interacted with is 2.9 times. Meaning people interact with the piece nearly three times in the 5.64 days it’s alive for within the house.

Number 2 – Demographic profiling

The days of blanketing an entire area with the same leaflet are long gone. You are now able to target specific customers you want to attract on the local and national scale.

Door Drops can be targeted by geolocations, for instance, you are selling high ticket items you can target affluent areas as part your campaign targeting ensuring you are not wasting money and time. But this doesn’t just have to be a city or region. You can target down to postcode level.

Additionally, you may also not know that demographic profiling is available for Door Drop campaigns. This means that you have the ability to choose how targeted you want your campaign to be, ensuring a campaign that is tailored to your unique needs.

Number 3 – They’re for small & large businesses alike

Virgin Trains used Door Drops to great success to sell seats on their off-peak Manchester to London route.

Knowing their demographic was Northern, they used Door Drop marketing to poke fun at people living further south. Something that went down well with the Northern folk (shocking I know).

The Northerner’s guide to London was a roaring success, not only achieving a 40% response rate but also a tremendous 11% conversion rate. This campaign generated £2.4million for Virgin Trains and showed the power of knowing your audience and the power of Door Drops.

Number 4 – A cost-effective form of marketing

With the vast number of digital marketing channels, traditional channels such as Door Drops can seem outdated and expensive. We have already proved that they work and are not outdated with their demographic profiling. But they are also more cost-effective than you might think.

Paper is a physical item, so it can be more of an upfront cost than say a social media campaign. But there are many ways to offset this cost with savings elsewhere. Such as distribution.

Distribution costs will always be a big chunk of your campaign budget. That’s where incentives come into play. We find ourselves shouting about this to anyone who will listen.

Many marketers do not know that Royal Mail are always offering incentives to encourage companies to test campaigns and these aren’t just for new customers. Existing customers can also get their hands on these fantastic offers.

One particular incentive Royal Mail are running is the Grow Your Business Incentive. This Door Drop incentive allows you to grow your business by offering a massive 50% off the distribution costs on your next door drop campaign when you book one with Royal Mail.

The paperwork on the incentives can be tricky, that’s why if you use PSE – Offline Marketing we will handle all the paperwork for you!

And that’s it

There you have our four things you may not have known about Door Drops. Door Drops are a reliable, cost-effective way of gaining new customers thanks to how long they live inside the home and due to the more targeted approach you can now take with this channel. PSE have been running Door Drop campaigns for our customers for over 25 years. Get in touch to find out how we can help you too.

Marketing you can trust.

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